Anonymous said: What are you doing in Chicago? What side of the city did you move to?

I’m moving there because they have talent agencies there and there are couple different places I could get some part time modeling jobs. But ultimately to start off there rather than here in Michigan. They have Broadway Chicago so I’m gonna start auditioning starting in January and I’ll be moving to uptown or Logan’s square about a 15 minute subway ride to downtown. It’s still Chicago and its a nice area.


have a pic of me naked in bed looking at a book of naked men in bed


hitmontop, hitmonbottom, or hitmonvers?

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*Stays outta shit that aint got shit to do with me*

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Anonymous said: Wow, youve got the V-shape, and a very good one! What did you do for getting it?(excuse my bad english)


Thanks! I eat a lot of burritos and cry.


"what kind of music do you listen to?"

"can i hear?"


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